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We are proud to work in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross. Our courses meet OH&S (Occupation Health & Safety) requirements (certificates are valid for 3 years). 

Our training facility is easy to get to. It is centrally located at: 7415 - 24 Street SE, Calgary, AB:



You'll learn valuable life-saving information that you can apply at work, at home & at play!

We give people the knowledge, skills & confidence to react to real life & work medical emergencies.

Register with a co-worker, family member, neighbor or friend. We make our classes interesting, interactive & fun. We teach life-saving skills for infants, children & adults. These skills are easy to learn.

The 3 courses that we advertise: 1) Emergency First Aid CPR, 2) Standard First Aid CPR & 3) Standard First Aid CPR "Re-Certification". Join us! Register Today! 


Our Course Calendar


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1) Emergency First Aid CPR AED Course

This is a one day course (7-8 hours)


Registration fee is $100/person +gst

2) Standard First Aid CPR AED Course

This is a two day course (14 - 16 hours)

Registration fee is $135/person +gst

3) Standard First Aid CPR AED Re-Certification Course


This is one full day/8 hour course

Registration fee is $100/person +gst

NOTE: To re-certify, participants must show a copy of their current certificates (it can not be expired)

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"This is the best safety course that I have ever taken!"

"Everyone should take this course. Good for work & home (as a parent, this is good information to know)."

"Tara is thorough, energetic, positive & engaging. Material came to life with lots of real-life examples & opportunities to role-play. I would definitely recommend Go-Getters Inc. Thank you very much (Tara)! I really admire your teaching ability & drive. You are inspiring!" 

Go-Getters Inc

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