AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

A Defibtech AED in the workplace can make the difference between life & death.

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Cardiac arrest can affect people of all ages - anytime & anywhere. Each year, sudden cardiac arrest strikes more than 400,000 people - and without intervention 1% survive.

Performing CPR with an AED within 3 minutes has shown to increase their chance of survival by 70%!

AED technology is so powerful that everyone is now trained on the use of these devices in all Red Cross first aid/CPR courses.

The Defibtech AED is designed to be simple for anyone to use.

AED training is now included in every First Aid & CPR course. Go-Getters Inc uses the DefibTech model for training. If your team has trained with Go-Getters In, they will be familiar & comfortable with this model (if they have to use it).


Defibtech Lifeline AED Features

 Simple to Use

- Clear instructionsStep-by-step audio instructions that are loud & clear.

- Ranks as the top choice of many First Responders.

- Has lowest overall cost of ownership of all AEDs in its class. The DefibTech AED is Canada Standards Approved.

- Safe & effective. Very user friendly. With the DefibTech many lives have been saved.

- Has 7+ years of field-proven durability - including use in military settings.

- Long life battery (5 - 7 years).

- Features brightly lit active staus indicator

(powered by 9V battery, allowing the main battery to remain fully charged to save a life). 

- Internal event recording (removable data card).

- For detailed information/specifications check this link:


Defibtech Lifeline "View" AED Features

While the Lifeline AED provides clear step-by-step instructions (only). The Lifeline View AED provides clear audio, video & text to guide the viewer through every step.

You can hear, watch & read the instructions. When you turn the machine on, it will play a video (showing you what to do). Instructions are displayed in bold letters (you can read instructions quickly). You can hear instructions (a recorded voice tells you what to do). 

This machine couldn't be easier to use. The video & text would help to accommodate those with hearing & English language challenges (everyone can use it)


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Package Pricing 

Our AEDs come with a protective Black Soft Carry Case & a necessary Responder Rescue Kit (scissors, safety glasses, gloves, razor, cloth & bio hazard bag). Items in this package are not usually included in competitor's quotes. 

Note: only GST & Shipping are extra

1) Lifeline AED $1699 (has voice prompt)

2) Lifeline View AED $2699 (has video, voice & text prompts)

3) extra adult pads, pediatric pads, wall mount bracket &/or surface mount wall cabinet with alarm. Ask for more details if interested in these other AED accessories.


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