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CPR Face Masks

Personal protective equipment is recommended when administering CPR

Take the time to protect yourself from diseases by wearing gloves & by using a CPR face mask.

Be prepared. A cardic arrest can happen to anyone, at any time & any where. It is a good idea to have a CPR mask in your workplace first aid kit, at home & in the glove compartment of your vehicle. 

We support the Red Cross & sell their products, including 3 types of CPR face masks/shields. See below for descriptions & prices. Shipping & GST is extra. 


1) The CPR Key-Chain  

This key-chain is compact & perfect for anyone on the go. It has everything you need to protect yourself while administering CPR. It comes with a CPR face shield/mask & gloves. The mask has a one-way filter & the gloves are latex free. 

Compliment your workplace safety program by giving these to your facility managers, fire marshalls, security staff, field staff etc. They fit nice in the glove compartment of personal & work vehicles. Keep a few at your Reception desk.

Take one hiking, biking, camping & while enjoying other activities away from home. Give these away, they are thoughtful gift. The cost s only $10 each.

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2) Basic CPR Face Mask

 Nothing fancy but an important item to add to your existing home & auto first aid kit. This CPR rescuer face mask has a one way valve & filter & comes in a sealed bag. It is reasonable priced at only $15 each.
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3) CPR Pocket Mask & Case 

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This deluxe model includes a hard case, which protects the inside mask from being broken or contaminated. The mask is latex free & has a one-way valve & filter for protection.

Note: Although this is a Red Cross product, it may/may not have their logo on it. The cost is $25 each.