Weight Loss Tips

 Try these weight loss tips to reduce body fat: 

1                     Get physically active to burn calories & to increase your energy & metabolism. Plan to be active most days of the week. Finding a work-out partner can help with motivation. Do activities that you enjoy. Don't overdo it, but make your work-out somewhat challenging so that you get results.

2                     Muscle is your best friend when weight loss is your goal. Muscle increases your metabolism & will help to keep weight off on the long term. Weight bearing exercises will tone & define your shape.

3                     A pound of fat takes up more room than a pound of muscle. Pay attention to how your clothes fit to measure your progress instead of using a weight scale.

4                     Be a savvy shopper; get nutrition facts on foods from labels:  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/label-etiquet/nutrition/index-eng.php 。 Stay away from processed foods, salty foods, sweets & soft drinks. Buy & eat lots of fresh fruits & veggies. 

5                     Include these 4 food groups in your diet: fruits & veggies, grain products, milk & alternatives, meat & alternatives.

6                     Include these 4 essential nutrients in your diet:  carbohydrates, protien, water & fats (avoid trans & saturated fats).

7                     Eat up to 6 small meals throughout your day. Start with breakfast to refuel empty energy stores & to restart your metabolism. Frequent healthy snacks help to control hunger & help to avoid over eatting.

8                     Eat your meal slowly instead of gulping it down. Avoid distractions like watching TV while eating. Savour & enjoy your meal. Put your fork down between bites. Stop eatting when you are 80% full.

9                     Prepare meals in advance & pack healthy lunches/snacks instead of eating fast foods. Buy fruits & veggies that are already cut-up (great for people on the go). If you have to eat out, make healthy choices. Have a salad instead of the fries or grilled fish or chicken instead of battered & deep fried.

10                 Indulge in your favoraite foods once in a while. Allow yourself the occassional treat. Just practice portion control/moderation & don’t do it too often.

11                 Drink enough water; about 8 glasses a day. Water helps to transport nutrients, remove toxins, metabolize fats & synthesize protiens. Drinking water will also keep your energy level up & your appetite sustained. Cut back on soft drink & alcohol consumption.

12                 Avoid late night snacks. Insulin levels are high at night, increasing the likelihood of sugars being stored as fat.

13                 Have a weight loss plan. Write it down. Be realistic & consistent. Stick with it! You didn’t  gain weight over night so you can’t expect to lose it over night. Set weekly goals. Lose a couple of pounds a week (for example). 

14                 Keep a food journal. Studies show that participants who keep food journals lost almost double the weight. A journal doesn't have to be complicated:  http://www.ehow.com/how_4723_keep-food-journal.html

15                 Ask for help if needed. A qualified nutrition expert & fitness trainer can help to guide & motivate you.

Weight loss basically comes down to energy output, food intake & commitment. Start by making gradual changes to your daily habits.  Every bite & every step counts (no matter how small) to making permanent positive lifestyle changes.

Eat well & stay active & you will have more energy, feel better, prevent injuries & disease & look great!