Stretch to Prevent Injuries

Flexibility is a component of physical fitness yet often gets neglected. We are always busy & in a hurry. With barely enough time to fit in a work-out, when are we supposed to find time to stretch?

I too have neglected to stretch after exercising, even though I know better. As a result, I have suffered shoulder & lower back aches & pains. Don’t learn the hard way. Avoid injury & take care of yourself. Incorporate stretches into your daily routine, even at work.

Stretching is important to good health. Stretching is preventative medicine and helps with the rehabilitation of injured muscles. When you have sore muscles, light activity & stretching can help you get better faster.

What is the best way to stretch? When the muscles are cold, like first thing in the morning, start slowly with controlled movements that take your muscles through a full range of motion. Don’t overstretch cold muscles. After muscles are warmed up with light dynamic stretches, move into deeper stretches.

Stretches should feel good (stretch don’t strain) and should be held for at least 15 - 20 seconds. When stretching strive to lengthen the muscle, relax and release muscle tension.  

So, when is the best time to stretch? The answer is anytime and often, especially after exercise & participation in sport activities.  It is also a good idea to incorporate stretching during your work day. Take frequent short breaks to change your body position & to stretch your muscles. This can help to prevent wrist, neck, shoulder & back pain as well as musculoskeletal injuries caused from exposure to repetitive tasks.

For stretches that you can do at your workplace, call Go-Getters Inc. Our interactive wellness workshops will give you the tools that you need to prevent workplace injuries, to reduce stress and to increase productivity.