Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

 The mosquitoes in my neighbourhood are already out in full force. Bug spray is definitely on my shopping list. Right now they are a big itchy nuisance. Late August, however, they can become carriers of the West Nile virus (which can be fatal). Here’s how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding & biting:

- Mosquitos are out most at dusk & dawn. If possible, stay indoors during these times.

- Mosquitos prefer to be in the grass, so stay on the pathway, gravel or sidewalk.

- Wear long-sleeved shirts & pants when outside (when possible).

- Use insect repellent, just don't put it around your lips & eyes or around wounds & irritated skin. With children 1 - 8 years, do not use insect repellents with DEET in concentrations greater than 25%.

- Don't leave your doors open & make sure your windows are covered with screens (with no holes).

- Clean your house eaves trough regularily as debris can cause water to accumulate.

- Empty any standing water that you might find in your yard. Water collects in old tires, in flower pot trays, in wading pools etc. Twice weekly, clean your bird bath & add fresh water.

- If you have a rain barrel, ensure opens are covered by screens.

- Aerate ornamental ponds. Stock ponds with fish that eat mosquitos larvae.

Have fun outdoors this summer, but don't forget to protect your self & your family from mosquitoes!