Running on Empty

Have you ever pushed the limits of your car’s gas guage to the point of actually running of out gas? Unfortunately, I have. It was an embarassing experience. I should have taken the time to stop for gas instead of trying to run it on empty.

Our bodies are just like our cars. They don’t function well on empty. Breakfast is the meal that most people skip, yet it is one of the most important meals of the day.

In fact, people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Whereas people who eat only 1 or 2 meals a day, have a tendancy to eat big heavy meals. This calorie loading leads to a coach potato lifestyle & weight gain.

Negative effects that can result from skipping meals:

-          tired/fatigued

-          harder to focus

-          slower at making decisions

-          mood swings

-          trouble regulating body heat

-          weight gain

-          decreased resistance to disease

-          not as steady/off balance

When we skip meals our performance drops both physically & mentally. This is when accidents can happen.

I know people who skip meals. Most often I’ve heard them say that they just aren’t hungry. We can condition our bodies not to feel hungry. This doesn’t mean that our bodies wouldn’t perform better if we took the time to eat.

It is proven that it is better to consume sufficient calories than not to eat at all. It is also better to consume the nutrients that the body needs than to feul it with empty calories.

We eat a lot of healthy home cooked meals. Last week, however, we decided to eat out (nothing fancy). I ordered an appetizer plate. The deep-fried foods made me feel horrible. My body doesn't run well on greasy empty calories.

Home cooked meals are the best, but don’t worry if you don’t have the time to cook every meal. Just have plenty of quick & healthy snacks handy. It is best to fuel your body with timely nutritious snacks throughout the day. 

Don’t run on empty. Fuel your body with nutritious foods like fruits & vegetables. You’ll have more energy & accomplish more. You’ll be alert & injuries will be prevented. You may even drop a few pounds. Eat well to look good, feel good & live well.