Prevent Back Pain at Work

- Organize your work to eliminate/reduce high-risk & repetitive movements. Use safe lifting techniques.

- Adjust your workspace to ensure your monitor & chair are positioned safely. Avoid cradling your phone between your ear & shoulder.

- Pay attention to posture & don't bend forward to do your work. Adjust your chair so your feet stay flat on the ground.

- Listen to your body & change your position often. Take a 30 second time-out every 15 -20 minutes to stretch, move or relax. Stop activities that aggravate your back.

- Minimize hazards by removing anything that may cause you to fall. Wear comfortable non-slip shoes.

- Regular activity is your best bet in maintaining a healthy back. Strengthen your core, working your abdominal & back muscles. Stay flexible and strong. Maintain your coordination & balance.

- Maintain a healthy weight to minimize the load on your body's frame 

- Address mental health/stress concerns. Practice deep breathing, take a walk or talk to a trusted friend.

There are many other tips to prevent back pain at work. If you want to learn more about how to prevent aches, pains & injuries at work contact Go-Getters Inc. We'll educate your staff & will help them to put theory into practice.