Attitude Makes a BIG Difference

I use a note pad that has the following message printed at the top:

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

I find this message very powerful. Is your attitude making a positive or negative difference? 

Your attitude affects you and those around you. People sense your mood and are affected by your thoughts and attitudes, and vice versa. Everyone wants to live and work in a fun and safe environment. When everyone gets along, there is less stress and more productivity. When everyone contributes to safety, there are fewer injuries.

Your attitude can help to prevent accidents and injuries. Willingly accept & follow safety rules & encourage others to do the same. Set high safety standards and show initiative. Ask questions or for guidance when needed.

Have the right attitude when it comes to safety. Be a positive role model. Always start with a safety check/audit of your equipment and work area. Wear your safety gear. If you see something that is not safe, do something about it. 

There is power in positive thinking and positive attitudes. Personally, you’ll enjoy mental and physical health benefits. Professionally, you and your co-workers will experience less stress and fewer injuries.

Choose a positive attitude, make the most of life and contribute to a safe and happier work culture.