Rise in Pedestrians Deaths (Prevention Tips)

Recent statistics reveal that on average 3 pedestrians are hit by a vehicle in Calgary every 2 days. Most recently, a young child was hit after getting off a school bus. I find this both tragic & alarming. Something needs to be done.

Everybody needs to share in this responsibility in order for everybody to stay safe.


-          clean your windshield/windows, mirrors & headlights for the best visibility

-          always be aware of what is going on around you (look out for pedestrians, cyclists etc) &

keep your eyes on the road at all times (avoid distractions like cell phones when driving).

-          follow the rules of the road. Use extra caution & slow down when roads are icy & when driving through school/playground zones &/or past construction sites, emergency vehicles etc.

-          don’t drive under the influence of alcohol &/or drugs. Some people have bad reactions to over the counter cold/flu medications, muscle reactions etc.

-          please plan ahead. Before a road trip, get a good night’s sleep (tired drivers are just as impaired as drunk drivers). Make sure that you are also eating enough & staying hydrated.



-          please try and be responsible for yourself. Make eye contact with the driver of an approaching vehicle & make sure that they are stopping (don't assume right of way). Parents, please teach your children to do this as well.

-          always be aware of what is going on around you (look out for vehicles, trains etc).

-          avoid distractions (like texting or reading while walking).

-          use all your senses to stay safe. Don’t just look for danger, listen for it as well (Click Here for Sound Advice).

-          be sure that you can be seen. Put reflective strips on clothing, if outdoors at dusk, dark or dawn. Certain jobs may require personal protective equipment (vests, hard hats etc).

-          use extra caution at intersections, where a high # of pedestrians have been hit by vehicles. If you live in Calgary, this map provides insight: Click Here for MAP.

-          let your City planners know your concerns. Perhaps better systems need to be in place (for example; flashing lights at cross walks, street lights etc).

As spring approaches, even more pedestrians will be out & about. Enjoy the warmer weather but please, everybody, look out for each other & look out for yourself. Even one un-necessary death or life changing injury caused by a vehicle hitting a pedestrian, is too many.  Stay safe!