Winter Fall Prevention Tips (to keep you on your feet).

I admire the tenacity of Canadians. Life doesn’t stop, just because it is -42 C (with the wind chill). We still go to work, run our errands etc. We are used to this, so we bundle up & off we go.

Beware; a slippery layer of ice can be hiding under the snow. Tread carefully. Falling on slippery slopes, sidewalks, stairs & decks causes injuries.

Recently, I went for a run & it was challenging to say the least. The pathway was covered in snow & ice. Because of the slippery uneven surface, many stabilizing & core muscles were recruited. I felt a good fatigue in my muscles as I ran & sense of accomplishment when done.

I prevented a fall by:

-          slowing down my pace & taking smaller strides.

-          wearing winter running shoes, that have good grip/tread.

-          wearing ice picks, that strap on to my running shoes  (I won’t go on winter walks or runs without them). They are compact to carry & quick to put on.

-          staying focused & aware of my terrain as each foot landed in/on the snow

-          running only when the light was good (so I can see where I am going)

-          staying on the pathway (avoiding gopher holes in the grass that could be covered by snow)

Falls on ice can also be prevented by:

-          cleaning fresh snow off your own sidewalks, stairs & decks, before it melts & freezes again.

-          using products specifically designed to melt ice (pet friendly brands are available)

-          being a snow angel & shoveling fresh snow off a neighbors sidewalk & step (especially if they are elderly, single parents, sick or injured).

-          exercising & stretching muscles on a regular basis (to keep you balanced & steady on your feet no matter what surface you are on).

-          finding indoor exercise alternatives, when Winter weather & conditions are extreme/dangerous.

I hope these Winter Fall Prevention Tips will help to keep you on your feet, whether you are exercising, playing, working or accomplishing day-to-day activities.

If you do fall on the ice, take a moment to catch your breath. Move each body part slowly, from head-to-toe to see if you experience pain. If ok, slowly make your way to your feet.

Tell others what happened, in case your condition gets worse. A visit to your doctor or an emergency health clinic is recommended, especially if you are hurt &/or hit your head (& blacked out or saw stars).

If your injury is minor, treat with R.I.C.E. (R = rest            I = immobilize               C = cool           E = elevate).

Years ago, I broke 3 ribs by falling on my icy deck. A simple fall can be serious!  Stay safe & don't fall!