Beating January Stress

Christmas is over & we are faced with paying the price for holiday indulgences & over spending. Start the New Year with a plan to get back on track & a positive attitude. Find ways to beat stress or it will beat you. Try these tips to beat January stress & enjoy a healthier & happier New Year.

Exercise – Physical activity is one of the best ways to beat stress. Pent up energy is released. Endorphins improve attitude & energy. Fitness resolutions stress us out. Just sit less & move more. Find an activity that you enjoy doing. Try something new like a fitness class. Work up a little sweat (don't over-do it if just getting started). You’ll feel better & sleep better.

Get Out Doors – we don’t see enough sunlight in the winter months. Natural sunlight & fresh air is good for us. When weather permits, get outside. Go for a walk, hike, snowshoe, ski, toboggan or skate on an outdoor rink. Notice the beauty of nature.

Eat Well – Wholesome healthy foods stabilize our moods & have been proven to reduce stress levels. Avoid caffeine, sugar & alcohol. Replace them with fruits, veggies & lower fat, higher fibre foods. The party is over!

Pay it Down – Time to get back on track financially. Find ways to cut back on expenses. Paying the minimum amount required on your credit cards will never get you ahead. Get serious. Pay at least double & pay it down. STOP spending.

Practice Relaxation Techniques – We are all different, so find what works for you. You might find a walk very relaxing. Read a good book or enjoy a bubble bath. Deep breathing, visualization, creative imagery, meditation, massage & yoga have also been proven ways to beat stress. Relax before bed to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Get it off your Chest – Our immune systems get a big boost when we get things off our chest. Let it go. Watch a good movie & have a good cry. Don’t keep emotions bottled up; communicate! Let go of resentments, anger & negative thoughts (they weigh you down physically & emotionally). Talk to a spouse, close friend, family or co-worker about things that are bugging you & work it out. Talk to a medical professional.

Stand Tall - Don't slouch & cross our arms & legs in a closed defeated body position. Rather lift your head high, relax shoulders down with chest forward in strong confident position. Our body language can have an effect on self-confidence & mood. Believe in yourself.

Live in the Present – Find joy in the present moment. Live in the present & with purpose. Practice “mindfulness”. Be aware of your surroundings, who you are talking to & what you are doing. Stay focused on your goals. Seek out positive situations & people. Do an act of kindness.