Discover Which Diet Works Best for You

When overweight; losing as little as 5 percent of body weight can dramatically reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Losing weight isn’t easy & we all want quick results. There are diet pills & plans on the market that can be very dangerous for our health. If weight loss would benefit your health, which diet is best for you?

I have always coached others to take a healthy balanced approach to weight loss. Eat healthy fresh foods & use the Canada food guide ( I also shared a few weight loss tips in this blog:

Easy to say, but not always easy to do. One diet, does not fit all. For example, some people have health concerns (like high blood pressure) & physical limitations to consider. Some have trouble with motivation, will-power etc. Since we are all different, we have to find what works best for us.

At a recent AFLCA fitness conference, I attended a presentation given by a registered dietician. She talked about a 2012 Report on Best Diets (to help us sift through all the information out there).  Many of the best overall diets were healthy eating patterns developed to prevent & manage chronic disease, & not for weight loss. Interesting, the healthiest approaches to weight loss seemed to work best!

In this Report, experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, food psychology, diabetes, and heart disease rated diets in seven categories:

1)      how easy it is to follow,

2)      its ability to produce short-term weight loss,

3)      its ability to produce long-term weight loss,

4)      its nutritional completeness,

5)      its safety,

6)      its potential for preventing and managing diabetes, and

7)      its potential for preventing and managing heart disease

The DASH diet was rated the Best Overall Diet (it stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). Weight Watchers scored highest as the best commercial weight loss diet. To learn more & to discover which is the best diet for you, check this link:

Most of the diets studied, promote healthy eating habits & physically activity. Get moving (no more excuses):

Rally for support & get a friend or family member(s) involved. Talk to your family doctor about weight loss goals, diets & exercise. When you find a healthy weight loss plan that works for you, stick with it! On the long-term, it will work & will be worth the effort!