New Job Survival Tips

Starting a new job can be exciting. You’ll be meeting new people, learning new skills & making money. Unfortunately research has shown that workers, who are new on the job, have higher rates of incidents & injuries. If starting a new job, here are a few survival tips (your life may depend on it).

1              Start/stay well rested, nourished & hydrated. Always bring a positive attitude to work. Be open to learning new things. Ask questions.

2              Work Safe Alberta recommends that you ask your new boss “5” important questions:

-How can I be injured doing my job?

-What safety procedures do I need to follow?

-Who will give me safety training?

-Do I need any safety gear?

-What happens if I get hurt?

If you aren’t trained to do a job &/or think it may be dangerous, you can refuse to do it. If you’re unsure, call 1-866-415-8690 in Alberta.

3              It is your life, so take responsibility when it comes to protecting it. Wear personal protective equipment required. Follow procedures & safe work practices. If you see an unsafe working condition, do something about it before an injury happens (& tell your supervisor).

4              Conditions, plans & workers on the job can change. On an ongoing basis, take the time to be safe. Identify possible hazards & think about what could go wrong. Hazards need to be controlled before someone gets hurt. Attend all safety meetings.

If you work outdoors, dress in layers & prepare for fluctuating weather conditions. Bring water to stay hydrated.

5              Tell your supervisor if you are sick & taking over the counter medications (side-effects of medication may put you & others at risk on the job). Also, tell people if you have siezures or angina, are diabetic, carry an epi-pen for severe allergies or use asthma medication (this is nothing to be embarrased about). Let them know how to help you in a medical emergency. 

6              Just like driving a car, you have to be aware of possible mistakes made by others. Even experienced employees can make mistakes. Be aware. Don’t rush. Stop & look around. Make staying safe a priority. Talk to your co-workers about safety & look out for each other. 

Enjoy your new job, just remember that workplace safety is a team effort. If in doubt, always err on the side of caution & talk to your supervisor about safety concerns. You might prevent an injury or even worse, a fatality. Stay safe & prosper!