How to Manage Spring Allergies

Are you sneezing & wheezing from allergies? You are not alone. This spring, allergies are worse than ever! 

After a long winter indoors, we can finally get outside. I am amazed how many people I see cleaning up their yards, on the walking/biking trails etc. However, many are stuck inside, suffering from spring allergies. 

Hay fever is most common this time of year. This is a reaction to pollen (from trees & grass) & mold in our environment. Symptoms include: headache, dry cough & irritated eyes, nose & throat. 

The following suggestions may help you to manage your spring allergies:

-          Watch/listen for pollen reports in your area. When pollen reports are high, stay indoors & keep windows & doors closed. 

-          Check this website:

-          Leave your shoes outside & change your clothes when you come indoors.

-          Get someone else to do your yard-work (or wear a mask & garden gloves if doing the work yourself).

-          Consider landscaping your yard. Get rid of grasses & replace them with decorative stones or other ground cover choices. Plant all-female trees & shrubs or varieties that are not high pollen producers.

-          Pollen is highest during dry windy weather. Enjoy the outdoors when the wind is calm.  On cooler, wetter days you can expect less pollen in the air. If allegic to mold from old snow, stay indoors during spring showers.

-          Pollen is highest in the morning, so enjoy the outdoors in the afternoon instead.

-          Shower & wash your hair more often (bedding too). Vacuum rugs more often.

-          Invest in an a good quality air purifier. Use HEPA filters (clean filters often).

-         To relieve allergy symptoms, visit a naturopathic clinic for natural therapies. You can also talk to a pharmacist (they will recommend an over-the-counter medication that may help). Tell your boss if you are taking/reacting to over-the-counter medications (be safe; perhaps you shouldn't be working/operating machinery/vehicles).   

-         See your doctor for an allergy shot, if over the counter medications don’t help, if you have a high fever or if you think that you may have a sinus infection. If breathing problems become severe, call 911.

My last suggestion would be to enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea (with a little bit of honey to sooth your sore throat). I hope these spring allergy suggestions help, so that you can enjoy spring. Stay well!