Preparing for Natural Disasters & Severe Weather

Natural disasters can hit home at anytime. Are you prepared? Something as simple as an extended power outage can be devastating. What if no stores could open & you are caught without water or are low in prescription medications. Here is a list of emergency supplies that you need to have ready.

The Emergency Supply List below is recommended by the Canadian Red Cross. Store these items in a backpack or small bag so you can take them with you if you have to evacuate an area. Plan/pack enough supplies for at least 3 days (72 hour time frame).

-          4 litres/1 gallon of water per person per day (use sealed, unbreakable containers & replace the supply every 6     months). In a pinch/emergency (dire circumstances) your hot water tank & toilet tank store water.

-          Packaged or canned food that won’t go bad (& don’t forget a can opener). Replace the food once/year.

-          Walking shoes, rain gear & change of clothing

-          Blankets or sleeping bags very 6 months)

-          Toilet paper & other personal supplies

-          Battery powered radio & flashlight (& extra batteries)

-          Spare cash

-          Extra set of car keys

-          List of family doctors

-          Important family information, such as medical conditions

-          Photocopies of important identification for you & your family, including health card #s.

-          Special items for babies, elderly or disabled household members

-          Prescription medications (insulin etc)

-          Cellphone & contact information for family & friends

Most people don’t think about the need for an emergency supplies kit until something devastating happens.

All kinds of natural disasters are possible in Canada. Raging firesearth quakes, floods & ice storms. Did you know that Canada is second in the world for having the most # of tornado’s? During a tornado, people will seek refuge in a basement. This is a good place to store/keep your emergency supply/survival kit. 

There is so much information to share when it comes to emergency preparedness for natural disasters & severe weather. You might also find this site helpful:

I just hope to have increased awareness & education on this topic. Perhaps I’ll help to prevent a possible bad situation from getting worse. Plan for the unexpected to keep you & your family safe. Start gathering items from the list above for your emergency supply kit & stay safe!