Slow Down to Live Long

Sloooww Down! Most injuries, are caused by going too fast. We are always in a hurry. We are a fast paced society with too much to do & too little time to do it all.

“It won’t happen to me”, “I’ll be careful”, “Just this once” are statements often said before injuries & fatalities happen. Think about all the possible consequences of your actions. The risks sometimes just aren’t worth it. Going fast & taking short-cuts, where safety is concerned, leads to injuries & fatalities.

Unfortunately, I have learned some life lessons the hard way. I took a short-cut to safety once & used a dish towel instead of oven mitts (I got burned). Last year, I put my husband’s over-sized slippers on to go onto our deck (it was wet, I fell & broke my ribs). Take the time to be safe, even when doing everyday tasks, to prevent injuries like these from happening.

Always ask yourself: ”How could I/we possibly get hurt today/while doing this?” Whether at home, at work or at play; take the time to do a site audit & hazard assessment before doing anything else. After identifying the hazards, we can prepare for & prevent injuries.

When it comes to driving, we all know that speed kills. Slow down. Remember, posted speed limits are just for ideal weather & road conditions. Plan ahead when weather is bad & leave early.

Be patient. Never tailgate. This is dangerous at any speed. Leave extra room between vehicles. You can never know what the driver in front of you is going to do, or when. 

According to Canada’s Safety Council: “Speeding increases the likelihood and severity of a crash. The faster a vehicle is moving, the less time the driver has to react to a hazard, and for other road users to react to that vehicle. A speeding vehicle requires more time and distance to stop, and is harder to control. Speed is a factor in 30 per cent of fatal crashes and 12 per cent of all crashes.”

Slow down in residential areas, back alleys & in school & playground zones. Watch for our children & keep them safe. Also, slow down in road construction zones & when you see emergency vehicles. Check this site for information about speed zones/rules of the road:

When we have lots to do, life & work can be stressful. Stress can lead to high blood pressure & other health problems. Slow down, take a deep breath & do your best. Don’t take work home with you. Make time for yourself, your family & your friends. Get enough sleep. Do things that are good for your mind, body & soul. Find balance in your life.

When it comes to exercise, people often get hurt from doing too much, too soon & too often. They are in a hurry to get results, so get hurt in the process. Establish realistic goals with the end result in mind. Listen to your body & slow it down if necessary. Sometimes a rest is as good as a work-out.

Life goes by too fast. Make sure that you are in good health to enjoy it. Remember, slow but sure wins the race. This applies to almost every aspect of our lives. Take the time to be safe so that you can live long & live well.