Keeping New & Young Workers Safe

This is the time of the year when young workers/students are entering our workforce. Research has shown that workers, who are new on the job have higher rates of incidents & injuries than more experienced workers. In fact, most injured workers are under the age of 25 years.

When hiring new workers &/or university students, it is important to include health & safety as part of their training. For the benefit of all workers, schedule regular health & safety meetings with your team.

Develop a work culture that looks out for one another & is open to safety training & discussions. Experienced workers have insight as to what can go wrong on the job. Have them coach & look out for new workers at the job site.

Most workplaces have safety rules, unfortunately not everyone follows the rules. When your children get their first summer job, don’t rely on strangers to keep them safe. Talk to them about accidents that can happen on the job & teach them to take responsibility for their own safety. A safe work ethic is a life skill that no one wants to learn the hard way.

When starting a new job, ask if there will be on the job training. Find out what the hazards of the job are. Is there a health & safety orientation that goes over equipment operation, required safety gear, emergency procedures etc. Find out, who to talk to about health & safety concerns & what to do if injuries happen.

By law, everyone has the right to refuse work that may be dangerous to themselves or others. If unsure about your safety on the job, don't do it. Don't ignore the problem either. Talk to someone about your safety concerns. Take a stand/the lead & prevent serious injuries from happening to yourself & your co-workers.

Everyone should take responsibility for keeping new & young workers safe. Workplace safety should be a team effort. Do your part to ensue that everyone gets home safe at the end of the work day.