Safety Tips for Home & Garden Renovations

Last year we had to tear down & build a fence. This year we are doing the same with our deck. We all have home improvements/projects on our to do list. Protect yourself when doing home & garden renovations. Follow these 10 safety tips:


1         Plan ahead. When rushed, accidents happen. Take the time to do things right/safely. Call before you dig & get permits if required.

2         Use the right tools & safety gear for the job. For example, use a ladder instead of a wobbly chair. Never mow the lawn in sandals (if you slip on a decline/hill you may cut off your toes).

If needed, wear head protection, safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves & proper shoes/boots. Dust masks or respirators may also be needed. Before starting, make a safety shopping list.

3         Check your ladder for wear & tear & sturdiness before using it. Check these other ladder safety tips:

4         Get proper operation/safety training from the buyer/seller/friend if using a power tool for the first time. Know your equipment before you use it. Find & use the safety switch.

5         Inspect electrical tools, cords etc & keep them in good working condition. Unplug tools when changing accessories. Keep power tools dry & away from water. Use only recommended heavy duty extension cords.

6         At times it may just be easier & safer to let a professional do the job/renovation. Install or repair equipment only if qualified (especially when electric work is involved). 

7         Check & follow safety measures when using & storing chemical ingredients. Keep away from children & pets.

8         Stay alert. Watch where you are going & what is going on around you. Lawn mowers can send small stones & other debris flying (which can cause injuries). When mowing the grass ensure no one is relaxing, playing or working at ground level close by.

9          Follow basic safety rules; like cutting away from yourself. Lift safey (use your knees & don't lift & turn at the same time) & take breaks. Stay hydrated & wear sunscreen & a hat if outdoors. Tie back long hair (especially around running motorized parts).

10     Be knowledgeable about first aid & have a well stocked first aid kit.

Good luck with your home & garden renovations! Stay safe & stay well!