Getting Back in the Game!

In Alberta, back injuries account for 25% of all Worker’s Compensation Board lost-time claims. Back injuries are very common. Most of us will experience some kind of back pain, strain or injury in our lifetime. 

To prevent back injuries, maintain strong muscles & bones. Exercise & eat a healthy diet. Work on your flexibility & ways to reduce stress. Correct your posture on a regular basis.

Practice good ergonomics. Lift properly. Ensure there is nothing to trip on (do a site audit) & wear good shoes. Ensure your work/living space is safe. If nececessary, modify your activities to prevent back strain. Take frequent breaks or alternate work activities to reduce repetitive stresses.

As a first aid/CPR instructor, I am always lifting bags of equipment in & out of my truck. I keep loads light & practice good lifting techniques. Unfortunately last week I woke-up to a severe back ache. It felt like I pinched a nerve (as my left leg was numb).

Stretching & hot baths weren’t helping, so I made an appointment with a chiropractor. X-rays revealed that my pain is due to a curve in my spine (which I was born with), age & arthritis (so much for aging gracefully). Fortunately, after only a few visits to the chiropractor, I am feeling some relief already.

Statistics gathered by WCB Alberta, indicate that chiropractic is the most consistent & cost-effective treatment for back injuries. Also, when it comes to tight back muscles, it is best to move around (slow but sure). In the process, muscles stay limber. This helps to speed up the healing process.

Back muscles are involved in all everyday activities. Do what you can to protect your back & to prevent injuries. If injured, consider getting the help of a qualified professional. We are all different, if traditional methods like stretching aren’t working for you consider chiropractics, massage or accupuncture. Find what works for you so that you can be pain-free, productive & back in the game of life!