Expect the Unexpected

Plan for safety. When you are least expecting it, the unexpected can happen. Are you prepared for emergencies at work, at home, on road trips & while enjoying recreational activities?

Prepare! Make wise choices! The key is to “think of emergencies that could happen before they happen”.

After identifying possible emergency scenarios, make a plan of action & rehearse how you would respond. Ensure that you have everything you’ll need (make a checklist & gather all items). Make sure your family, friends & co-workers know what to do.

Regardless of what you are doing, expect the unexpected. You may be the 1st person to arrive at the scene of a medical emergency. You may have to call 911, comfort the ill or injured or give first aid. Be prepared. Take first aid training: http://www.go-getters.ca/first-aid-course-da/. It will give you a plan of action & will give you the confidence to react.

Take the time to be safe! Ask questions. Check for hazards & wear safety gear. Don't take short-cuts when it comes to safety. 

Give yourself a little extra time so that you aren’t feeling stressed. Slow down. Motor vehicle collisions happen too often. Leave a little extra room between vehicles when driving.  The vehicle in front of you may unexpectedly change lanes, brake or loose control. 

Stop & think. Take actions to ensure the safety & survival of yourself & others! If the unexpected happens, know what to do. Always have a back-up plan. Stay safe & survive!