Beat the Winter Blues

This winter has been worse than most with extremely cold temperatures. Will this winter ever end? Beat the blues by trying these tips.

-          If something is bothering you, don’t ignore it or dwell on it. Find someone to talk to. Get it off your mind. Let it go.

-          Find & focus on the positive. For example, spring officially begins on March 21 (only weeks away). Seasons change & winter will not last forever.

-          Surround yourself with people who have positive energy (it is contagious).

-          During cold winter months, we tend to socialize less. Find reasons to get out of the house (volunteer & get involved with your community, sign-up for a class, get out with friends, plan an out-of-town trip or vacation).

-          Plan to do something fun, that will make you smile or laugh. Watch a funny movie.

-          Make it a daily goal to do something nice for someone (a random act of kindness). Pay it forward. It costs nothing to make someone laugh or put a big smile on someone’s face. This will make you feel good.

-          Get a good night’s sleep. When you can, sleep-in or have a nap if you feel tired.

-          Exercise to feel better (raising the brain’s levels of serotonin and endorphins). Get moving. Stress will be reduced. Your outlook will be improved.

-          Set achievable short-term goals. Work hard to accomplish them. Be proud of your efforts & celebrate your successes.

-          Treat yourself. Find time for you & ways to relax. Enjoy a spa treatment, a bath or a good book.

-          Let the sunshine in. Open your windows. On warmer days, go for a walk, run, hike or bike ride. The fresh air & natural vitamin D from the sun will do you some good. If you can not get outside, take vitamin D supplements.

-          Have a good attitude (it is a little thing that will make a big difference to you & to those around you).  

I hope that these simple tips/ideas help to improve your frame of mind. Remember, nothing stays the same. Make the most of each day, take charge & work towards a positive future.