The SMART way to reach your goals

This is the month for New Year’s resolutions. As we look forward to 2011, new goals are set. Whether your goal is weight loss or other goals in life, the SMART approach will help you to get there.

S         Specific                       Identify a goal & specific action steps to get there (write these down). 

M        Measureable               Make sure you can count it, time it or check it off a list (your action steps).

A         Achievable                  Start with small achievable goals so that you experience success.

R         Realistic                      Take into account your likes, dislikes, health, time etc.

T         Time limited                 Set a specific, realistic date to achieve your goal.

Don't try to change too many things at the same time. Focus on what is most important. Take the time each week to set & accomplish a goal. A journey of a thousand miles begins with 1 foot step. Your weekly steps will add up.

If weight loss is your goal, a plan to lose 2 pounds a week is healthy & realistic. Make nutritious food choices & practice portion control. If starting an exercise program, start slow (something is better than nothing). Gradually increase intensity or time. Be consistent.

If you don’t meet your weekly goal, try again. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t give up. Figure out what is getting in your way & find a positive way to get around those road blocks.

When you meet your weekly goal acknowledge your success. Be proud. Allow yourself the occasional small treat or pamper yourself in celebration.

Set yourself up for success. Take the SMART approach. Believe it, work at it & achieve it!