Prevent Heat Emergencies

Finally, summer has arrived. I love days like this. The sun is bright & it is hot outside. Everyone is different with regards to how their bodies react to the heat. When our bodies have trouble cooling, the result may be heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal.

The following are more at risk when it comes to heat emergencies:

-          Young children & the elderly

-          People who do physical work or strenuous exercise while outdoors (in the heat & hot sun)

-          People neglecting to drink enough water/fluids & therefore becoming dehydrated

-          People who have experienced a heat or cold related emergency in the past

-          People with health problems. People who have heart disease or other conditions that cause poor circulation. People who take medications to eliminate water from the body. 

Stay cool on hot days. Prevent Heat Emergencies:

-          Dress light. Wear loose fitting, light-coloured & lightweight clothing. Natural fabrics, like cotton, are best in the summer as they breathe. Wear a hat & sunglasses.

-          Avoid being out in the sun the hottest time of the day. Prevent sunburns; wear sunscreen with high SPF. Re-apply often if sweating or swimming.

-          Avoid strenuous outdoor activities & exercise on extremely hot days.

-          If you work outside, revise your work schedule so that you can get the hardest work done early morning or early evening, when it is cooler. Do lighter work when the temperatures are high & take frequent breaks in the shade.

-          Drink plenty of cool fluids to stay hydrated (water is the best). Avoid alcohol & drinks with caffeine.

-          Eat cool foods & light meals. Eat more salads (full of satisfying fresh veggies). Treat your family to popsicles, watermelon & fruit smoothies.

-          Keep your house cool & cook outdoors on the BBQ instead of using your oven. Keep windows & curtains closed when the hot sun is shining in. Set up fans around the house. We have a fan blowing cool air upstairs from our basement.

-          Visit air conditioned buildings, like a shopping mall or movie theatre.

-          Visit a pool or set-up the sprinkler in your yard for the kids. Getting yourself wet, helps to keep you cool.

I am optimistic that this warm weather will be around for a while. Enjoy but stay cool & stay well!

I also recommend that you take a first aid class so that you can recognize the signs & symptoms of heat emergencies. Find out what to do to help. You could save a life. Check this link for first aid class dates:

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