Open for Business

Go-Getters Inc is good for you, good for your co-workers & good for business.

Hi, my name is Tara & I am the owner of Go-Getters Inc. I have always been passionate about helping others to be stronger & to live longer. For years I accomplished this while working in the fitness industry. I coached individuals & groups through exercises, emphasizing proper body positioning & mechanics. I promoted active, healthy lifestyles.

Wanting a new challenge, I started my own business: Go-Getters Inc. I am loving my new direction in life. I also love the fact that I am still teaching & motivating others to be stronger & to live longer. At Go-Getters Inc, the focus is on workplace wellness, injury prevention & first aid education/training.

Go-Getters Inc was promoted in today's Calgary Herald:

Go-Getters Inc is Open for Business! We will tailor our programs to meet you workplace needs. We will reduce sick leave & work place injuries. We will prepare your team for medical emergencies. Contact Go-Getters Inc for a free consultation.