Reducing Stress

What a stressful time. I see it in people's body language, hear it in their voices & even sense it in written communications. I was teaching a First Aid CPR course recently & noticed how serious everyone was. In conversation, I found out that everyone was worried & stressed due to rumor of layoffs. Companies are downsizing & those lucky enough to keep their jobs have more work to do.

I am not immune. There is a trickle down effect which effects all businesses. Companies don't have as many employees (which means fewer & smaller classes for me to teach). People that I have enjoyed working with have moved on etc.

Life will always have ups & downs, twists & turns, like a roller coaster. We are going for a ride, so hang-on & make the most of it. Through life's experiences we have the potential to be better & stronger. Like it or not, change is constant & so is stress, so we need to learn how to deal/roll with it. I have a few tips to share, which I hope will help.

Tips to Reduce Stress

1) I find that the best way for me to work through stress is through physical activity or exercise. I always feel so much better after a work-out. Sometimes, I don’t even realize how tense or stressed I was, until after. All you need is your running shoes & a little bit of your time. You’ll feel better (mentally & physically) & sleep better.  

2) Take care of your body, especially when stressed. Try not to skip meals or eat fast foods. When blood sugars drop, thinking can be cloudy & irritability can set in. Empty calories just make us sluggish. Lack of sleep has the same effect. Your mind & body will respond to the way that it is treated. Treat it well, stay mentally sharp & strong & you will be better prepared for life's challenges.

3) Don't ignore stress; it can build over time (& so does your blood pressure). It can help to talk/work things out (get it off your chest). Reach out to people in your support system &/or to a medical professional. Be there for others who are experiencing stress. Sometimes, people just need to vent & lean on us for a while (a big hug can also help). 

4) Take the time to get organized. Make a written list of what has to be done (not a mental list, as clutter in the brain can overwhelm us & cause us to lose sleep).. Sometimes, we can only do so step/task at a time & one day at a time. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness (this just lets you focus on the priorities).

5) Sometimes it helps just to slow things down...breathe...clear your mind (give it a break). Leave work at work. Life can be too seriousThink about what makes you happy & do it. Turn off the TV or computer & turn on the music. Especially when stressed, find ways to nourish your mind, body & soul. 

6) In stead of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders; try to let it roll off your back. Realize that we don't always have control over situations & how others behave.

Don't let others bring you down or diminish your self-worth. Thinking that you are victim of circumstance &/or blaming others, doesn't help. Let go of the negative & stay positive. Be a survivor. Believe in yourself, stay confident & persevere. Do your best & be proud of your efforts. 

7) Get outside...fresh air & sunshine will elevate your mood & clear your head (& nourish your body with a natural source of vitamin D). We have been stuck inside all winter (which in itself can be depressing), so take advantage of our warmer spring weather. 

I hope the tips that I have shared in this blog will help. Chin Up! I sincerely believe that this roller coaster of life; can be an enjoyable ride.