Injury Prevention is Everyone’s Business

Have you had a workplace injury? Do you know someone else, who has been injured on the job? It is unfortunate, but I am sure that we all have stories that we could tell.

To prevent injuries, take necessary precautions. For example, wear proper safety equipment in the workplace. Take the time to ensure that you, and others, will not be hurt. Ask for guidance if unsure about anything to do with safety. Be proactive and be safe.

Be alert to what is going on around you. If you see a co-worker doing something that may hurt him/her, or others, talk to them. Remind them to be safe. If they know that you have their best interests in mind, they will appreciate it.

Develop a work culture that is open & receptive to safety reminders and education. Everyone should feel comfortable talking to their co-works about safety. Safety dialogue is always good.

Injury prevention at the workplace is everyone’s business. It takes teamwork to make & keep a workplace injury free. Remember that “all” injuries are predictable and preventable. We all responsible for a safe workplace.

Our presentation: Workplace Injury Prevention Tips encourages this team approach. We have many valuable injury prevention tips to share. Keep health & safety top-of-mind, call Go-Getters Inc today!