The Importance of wearing a helmet

Today I was twittering about the importance of wearing a helmet especially when playing sports, biking and skiing. When it comes to injury prevention, what are you willing to risk? If you injure your brain, there can be serious consequences.

This video link sends a serious message:

I have to admit that I had skied for many years without a helmet. Then I began to notice that quite a few people were starting to wear them. For the first time I questioned the need for one. If I'd wear a helmet biking, why wouldn't I wear one skiing down a steep icy slope?

It was just a couple of years ago that I bought my first ski helmet. I love it! It is warmer and I feel safer. Now I prefer to wear one.

Preventing a brain injury is easier then treating one. It just takes one mistake, a ski edge that catches unexpectedly, bad visibility or another out-of-control skier to make a fun day tragic. Protect your brain! Helmets are a no-brainer.

OK, now I have to plan a ski day. Just love being on top of a mountain. Also love the adrenalin that comes from skiing down a hill. Great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Good for body, mind and soul. See you on the slopes!