Parking Lot Safety Tips

Time is running out. Christmas is just around the corner & the stores are filled with last-minute shoppers. Follow these parking lot safety tips:

-          Let someone know where you are going & what time you’ll be home. Call if you will be late.

-          Shop during daylight hours if possible.

-          The sun sets early. If shopping late afternoon or evening, try to find a parking spot that is closer to the building & in a well lit area. If possible, avoid parking in dark secluded areas.

-          Make sure that you can see your vehicle from a distance (with nothing obstructing your view).

-          Arrange to go late-night shopping with a friend. Use the buddy-system to stay safe.

-          Follow a group of people out to the parkade/parking lot. There is safety in numbers.

-          Walk in the centre isles & not between parked cars (especially in parkades).

-          Be alert to who is around you at all times. Walk with confidence. Keep your head high. Don’t look like a victim. Make eye contact with people as you pass by & keep a firm grip on your property.

-          Have your key ready/in your hand as you approach your vehicle.

-          If you suspect that someone is lurking by your vehicle, return to the store. Call the police or ask a security office to escort you to your vehicle.

-          Be cautious of any suspicious person approaching as you near your car.

-          Visually check under your car, from a distance as you approach it. Then check the front & back seats & the hatch back before entering.

-          Do not ignore your instincts. Don’t take chances, it isn’t worth it. If you do not feel safe, do something about it! Stay safe this holiday season!