Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Over this holiday season, co-workers, family & friends will be gathering for social events. Along with good company, we will enjoy good food, decadent desserts & beverages. At this time of year, it is easy to over-indulge & gain weight. 

Take steps to prevent holiday weight gain. Don’t wait until you make your new year’s resolutions. Take control now. With all the temptations, your will has to be stronger than your desire. Don’t lose sight of your goals.

Balance in life is important. Have a chocolate or two, just don’t eat the whole box. At social events, graze on healthy snacks like fresh fruits & raw vegetables to curb your appetite. Use a smaller plate. Cut big deserts in half. Practice portion control. Every bit that you cut back adds up. You are programming your brain to think before you eat. You have to get into the habit of making healthy choices.

Most beverages are also high in calories. Enjoy in moderation. Have a glass of water between drinks. This will help to prevent weight gain, de-hydration & nasty hang-overs.

Fit activity into your holiday plan. Find a way to burn-up the extra calories that you consumed. Moving will make you feel better & re-energize. Get some fresh air. Enjoy a peaceful, quiet walk & clear your mind. Convince family &/or friends to go skiing, skating or toboganning. Build a snowman.

Eat, drink & be merry; just don't over-indulge. Prevent holiday weight gain.  Practice moderation, make healthy choices & stay active. Have fun! Start the new year on a positive note & ahead of schedule, where your health & well-being is concerned. 

Start now! Make 2011 a great year! Stay healthy & happy!