Lost Certificates Replaced

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First Aid Certificate.jpg

Lost Certificates Replaced


Red Cross First Aid CPR Certificates are valid for 3 years. If you were trained & certified by us (Go-Getters Inc) & lost the First Aid CPR Certificate that we gave you; we'll replace it (send you another).

Two Steps are Required

1) Use the Pay Now Button below to complete the payment process. The Wallet Certificate Re-Placement Fee is $25 +gst.

2) Contact Us Here   We need more information...see below...

A) To confirm that you were trained by us, we'll need to know your name, when you were trained, if your company paid for the course (& their name) etc. This will help us to find a record of your training, in our files.

NOTE: From our records, we'll be able to determine the expiry date of your old Certificate/Card. The expiry date on your new certificate/card, will match the expiry date on your original/old card. 

2) Please verify your mailing address (let us know where to send your wallet certificate). It will be mailed, regular post, ASAP.

 Thank You!

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